Butterfly Valve

Model Code: BVH/BVG
Material: Body Cast: Iron, /Disc: ductile iron Chrome plated /Seat: EPDM /Shaft: Stainless Steel
Size: Various dimension from DN20 to DN200
Color: Natural/Blue/Black
MPQ: 100pcs or above


Apply to adjust the flow of fluid or open/close the equipment, in the area of oil, food, medicine, paper industry and so on

Further Information:

Drive: Handle/Gear
Nominal bore: 1-60" 
Nominal pressure: ANSI150-300Lb 
Connection type: flange type, clamp type 
Temperature range: -20-600oC 
Transmission type: worm, lever 
Optional material: GGG500-7 , GG20 , WCB 304 316 316L