Toroidal core

Model Code: TC-Case/Covered by Epoxy Resion/Rigid/Cut
Material: Nanocrystalline1K107/Mumetal alloy 85% Ni/GOSS
Size: Various dimension from 12/19.1*6.4 to 475x545x50
Color: Natural color of the material
MPQ: Depend on the dimension/weight


1. Low and high frequency transformers

2. Measuring transformers

3. Common mode choke

Further Information:

1. Surface finish: in plastic case or stainless steel case
(Surface can also be treated by lightly rigid or covered by epoxy resion but the performance would be decreased)
2. Material can be changed to Mumetal alloy 85% Ni or GOSS per customers requrest
3. Cut core can be made per the drawing
4. New dimension can customized per the cutomers requrests by making new  mould.